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On Saturday January 31st, 2015, was held in Oporto, at Bessa Hotel, the meeting of the CERS - Confédération Européenne de Roller Skating - Central Committee.

(from left to right): Ricardo Araújo (CERS Vice-Secretary), Martin Van Lieshout (CERS 2nd.Vice-President), Fernando Naroli (CERS 3rd.Vice-President), Margaret Brooks (CEPA President), Fernando Claro (CERS President), Irmelin Otten (CEC President), Ignacio Gonzalez (CERS 1st.Vice-President) and Fernando Graça (CERH President & CERS Secretary General)

During this meeting were analysed, discussed and approved a number of issues of relevant interest to the different disciplines of the European Skating, highlighting in particular:

1. The approval of the CERS Finance Report, regarding 2013;

2. The Technical Committees of Rink-Hockey, Artistic and Speed Skating presented their activity reports and accounts;

3. The calendar of European events of the year 2015 was approved for the different disciplines; 4. The appointment of the Provisional Committee of the European In-Line Hockey, which will have the following composition:

   • President – BORIS DARLET (France)

   • Vice-President – FÁBIO FORTE (Italy)

   • Vice-Presidente – XAVIER CHAO (Spain)

5. The establishment of the following 2 NEW CERS SUB-COMMITTEES:

   • “FREE STYLE”, in charge of IRMELIN OTTEN, President of CEC

   • “ROLLER DERBY”, in charge of MARTIN VAN LIESHOUT, 2nd Vice-President of CERS

6. The CERS President presentation - for analysis and deliberation at the next Central Committee meeting – of the proposal to hold the "SKATING MEETING - WINDOWS INTO THE FUTURE", encouraging and promoting dialogue with all the affiliated European Federations, targeting two fundamental objectives:

   • To get information on the problems and difficulties faced by the Federations, especially in the economic and financial plans.

   • Gathering ideas and suggestions from the Federations at a purely sporting level of each discipline, in order to define programs and plans of action that may contribute to its development and promotion. The idea is to take advantage of the organization of European Championships in each discipline to promote - coordinated by the CERS President and the correspondent Technical Committee - the making of "workshops" with the participating Federations and all other who want to be represented.


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Taking the opportunity of the CERS Central Committee meeting, the CERS President invited some of the of the European In-Line Hockey responsible to discuss the establishment of a Provisional In-Line Hockey European Committee in order to assure the management of this skating discipline and to enable the definition of a program of short-term action to guarantee the functional and institutional normality of this discipline at European level.

(from left to right): Ricardo Araújo (CERS Vice-Secretary), Kathy Morris (UK In-Line), Fabio Forte (Italy In-Line), Martin Van Lieshout (CERS 2nd.Vice-President), Fernando Naroli (CERS 3rd.Vice-President), Margaret Brooks (CEPA President), Fernando Claro (CERS President), Irmelin Otten (CEC President), Ignacio Gonzalez (CERS 1st.Vice-President), Fernando Graça (CERH President & CERS Secretary General), Boris Darlet (France In-Line), Philippe Boudreault (Spain In-Line Coach) and Xavier Chao (Spain In-Line)


After considering the report of the 1st CERS Vice-President, Ignacio Gonzalez, regarding the activities developed by the Provisional Commission of In-Line Hockey, were invited to participate in this meeting, the following members of the former Provisional Committee: BORIS Darlet (France), FABIO FORTE (Italy), XAVIER CHAO (Spain) and KATHY MORRIS (England).On his initiative, was also present PHILIPPE BOUDREAULT (Coach of the Spanish Federation).

The CERS President outlined the objectives of this meeting, confirming to be his understanding that the people who are directly involved in the direction of this discipline in the European Federations - and who know their reality and problems – are who should take, with freedom and responsibility, the provisional management of the European In-Line Hockey Committee, to ensure compliance with the guidelines already approved by the CERS Central Committee, in particular:

   • As a first priority, to make possible the fulfilment of the basic requirement imposed by the CERS Statutes for holding General Assemblies of any skating discipline: the organization of European Championships, which requires the participation of, at least, 5 national teams from the European affiliated Federations in the discipline.

   • It will, therefore, be up to the Provisional Committee of In-Line Hockey to provide, in the year 2015, the organization of one or more In-Line Hockey European Championships, in Male and / or Female and in the age groups that are perceived as more convenient.

   • Only by this way it will be ensured at European level the functional normality of the In-Line Hockey, by promoting the summoning of its first General Assembly, aimed at either the election of the CERILH and the approval of their specific Regulations (General Regulations + Competitions Regulation). Consequently, the CERS President informed the In-Line Hockey representatives that were present that they should gather together to, with complete autonomy, define the following issues:

   • Which are the 3 members (1 President and 2 Vice-Presidents) to be designated immediately by the CERS Central Committee, to assume the responsibility of the management of the Provisional In-Line Hockey European Committee. If so understood as convenient by the formally designated members, others can always be invited to make their own contribution to this Committee.

   • Which are the competitions - whether of clubs or of Nations - that may be organized in 2015 by the Provisional In-Line Hockey European Committee. After receiving detailed information on the results of this meeting, the CERS Central Committee adopted the following decisions:

(1) To designate for the PROVISIONAL IN-LINE HOCKEY EUROPEAN COMMITTEE the 3 following members:

   • President – BORIS DARLET (France)

   • Vice-President – FÁBIO FORTE (Italy)

   • Vice-President – XAVIER CHAO (Spain)

(2) To approve the European competition calendar of In-Line Hockey for the year 2015, comprising:


      a) Champions League

      b) CERS European Cup


      c) Male Under 17 European Championship (to be organized on the 1st week of September)

      d) Senior Ladies European Championship (to confirm, given the World Championship in Argentina, which may limit the participation of the European Federations)

(3) To promote a meeting with the CIRILH President, GILBERT PORTIER, with the presence of either the CERS President, FERNANDO CLARO, and the President of the Provisional CERILH, BORIS Darlet. This meeting will aim to establish the desired dialogue with the CIRILH to try to adjust the timetables and action plans, but always preserving the administrative and technical-sporting autonomy of the European Committee, according to their "new reality".

On the other hand, it will be sought to sensitize the CIRILH President to the need for the World Championships be held each 2 years, allowing the merged achieving of the Continental Championships, a situation that, in addition to sports-technical issues, becomes also necessary for purely economic and financial nature.


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On the 9th December 2011, at Oporto, Portugal, took place the CERS' Executive Committee meeting with the presence of all its members, in order to decide, as the single point of the agenda the following: “Analysis, discussion and resolution of the proposal of the CERS President regarding the appeal of Hockey Club Liceo, presented on the 2nd.November of 2011, regarding the 2011 Continental Cup of Roller Hockey”
After the debate between the participants of the meeting, it was pronounced and approved the following decision: “The CERS Executive Committee determines – according to the articles 2nd, 13th, 14th, 19th and 22nd of CERS Statutes – the remittance to CERS Central Committee the Hockey Club Liceo’s appeal, for the purposes, statutorily, it considers appropriated.”


On the 10th of December 2011, at Oporto, Portugal, took place the CERS' Central Committee annual meeting, Portugal, with the presence of all its ten members, namely:

    * The CERS President, Fernando Claro (Portugal);
    * The 1st  Vice-President, Jan Piotrowsky (Belgium);
    * The 2nd Vice-President, Ignacio González (Spain);
    * The 3rd Vice-President, Fernando Naroli (Italy)

    * The President of C.E.C (the Races European Technical Committee), Umberto Urbinati (Italy);
    * The President of C.E.P.A. (the Artistic Skating European Technical Committee), Margaret Brooks (England);
    * The President of C.E.R.H. (the Rink Hockey European Technical Committee), Carlos Graça (Portugal);
    * The President of C.E.R.I.L.H. (the In Line Hockey European Technical Committee), Dirk Schulz (Germany)

c) THE 2 MEMBERS OF THE CERS SECRETARIAL STAFF (with no voting rights):
    * The Secretary General, Fernando Graça  (Portugal);
    * The Vice Secretary, Raoul Trumpy (Italy)

From left to right:    Fernando Graça, Umberto Urbinati, Raoul Trumpy, Carlos Graça, Margaret Brooks, Fernando Naroli, Fernando Claro, Jan Pietrowsky, Ignacio González,
                               Dirk Schulz

Besides the usual points of the agenda (accounts approval, reports from the CERS President, from the CERS Vice-Presidents and  from the Presidents of all Technical Committees), this meeting has do deal with a specific and important subject -  with a relevant media impact -  that is related with the “no show” of  Hockey Club Liceo (HCL) on the game of the 2011 Continental Cup of rink hockey, that – according to a C.E.R.H, decision -  should be played in one single game, on the 5th November of 2011,  at Pavilion Monserrate in Viana de Castelo, Portugal.
Both HC Liceo - on the 21st November 2011- and Real Federación Española de Patinaje (R.F. E.F.)  - on the 1st December 2011- decide to present to the CERS Central Committee appeals against that C.E.R.H. decision, appeals that were analysed and discussed and decided during the above referred CERS' Central Committee annual meeting, as stated in the following conclusion:

I) The C.E.R.S. Central Committee considers that cannot accept the knowing of the subject of the appeals presented by HC Liceo and by R.F.E.P. - due to the inexistence of any protest or claim according to the game’s rules, of previous decision of the Disciplinary Technical Committee and, also, by the lack of payment of the fee for the appeal - which lead the C.E.R.S. Central Committee to order the archiving of these appeals.

II)  a) The CERS Central Committee declares its full support to the C.E.R.H. - European Committee of Rink Hockey decision – that was informed on October 10th 2011 to both clubs and their federations – in what concerns the realization of Continental Cup, to be played by H.C.Liceo and S.L. Benfica, on the 5th November 2011, at Montserrate pavilion, at Viana do Castelo;

     b)    The CERS Central Committee confirms its recognition that the C.E.R.H. - European Committee of Rink Hockey is the single entity that is competent and has the legitimate power to decide every administrative or sporting subject relatively to any European rink hockey event or competition;

     c)    The CERS Central Committee recommends to the C.E.R.H. - European Committee of Rink Hockey that – having in mind the decision taken in this particular case and the suggestion presented in this proposal – should be promoted, immediately, the required changes in the Continental Cup regulation, namely the articles 2 and 9.

III) The CERS Central Committee decides to direct this case to the C.E.R.H.-European Committee of Rink Hockey in order to check whether the matter should be taken further.

In order to provide a better clarification about this decision, you can access  - through the “link” below - the entire proposal pronounced and approved by the CERS' Central Committee.

CERS ’Central Committee Meeting
Approved proposal on 2011/12/10

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CEPA MEETINGDECEMBER 3rd to 5th, 2009 – ROODKERK (Netherland)
Reunião da CEPA
Reunião da CEPA
Reunião do Comité Central
Assembleia Geral Electiva

President – Fernando Elias Claro (Portugal)
Vice-President – Jan Piotrowsky (Bélgica) / Ignacio González Pereira (Espanha) / Fernando Naroli (Itália)
Reunião do Comité Central
Assembleia Geral do CEC
The following countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenjia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Total: 18.
Assembleia Geral


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